We want to develop and implement business models that best serve the needs of the world's poorest and most remote regions in order to generate new jobs and provide people access to much-needed consumer goods that meet basic daily needs. This will provide the essential stimulus to give the world's poorest people a fair chance at participating in the economic progress in their own country. We follow the principle of social sustainability in each of our projects by only implementing profitable business models that deliver products and services that will create well-paying jobs over the long term and which are likely to result in a measurable increase in the standard of living.


Since being founded in 2010, Villageboom has been working in rural areas of developing countries to implement market-oriented business models, create new jobs, and bring consumer goods to meet daily basic needs to some of the most remote villages of Africa and Asia.




The search for suitable business models for Villageboom began already back in 2007. The key questions we asked: What do people in rural areas most need? What kind of stimulus is required to enable people to lay the foundations for their own economic growth?


After numerous trips to Senegal, Rwanda, Nigeria, Ghana and India, it was clear that the issue of *light* was quite crucial.




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