The search for suitable business models for Villageboom began already back in 2007. The key questions we asked: What do people in rural areas most need? What kind of stimulus is required to enable people to lay the foundations for their own economic growth?


After numerous trips to Senegal, Rwanda, Nigeria, Ghana and India, it was clear that the issue of *light* was quite crucial.

One of the biggest limitations experienced by people is the lack of electric light. In Africa and Asia, the sun goes down throughout the year at about 7 o'clock. For those living away from of a functioning electricity grid, the night begins when the world goes dark. Unlike us, they cannot extend their daytime activities well into the night by extending the day indefinitely by simply turning on a lamp. At sunset, these people are denied the opportunity to be creative, to be productive, to read, or to communicate. The available light sources are not sufficient to exercise all of these activities. The resulting negative impact on individual advancement and that of an entire society are immense.


Thomas Ricke recognized this and decided to develop a solar lamp under the Villageboom label that would be oriented to the needs of the markets in the world's poorest regions in terms of quality, lighting power, and cost structure.





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