We want to develop and implement business models that best serve the needs of the world's poorest and most remote regions in order to generate new jobs and provide people access to much-needed consumer goods that meet basic daily needs. This will provide the essential stimulus to give the world's poorest people a fair chance at participating in the economic progress in their own country.



We follow the principle of social sustainability in each of our projects by only implementing profitable business models that deliver products and services that will create well-paying jobs over the long term and which are likely to result in a measurable increase in the standard of living.



Some 2 billion people in the world are among the poorest of the poor, living on $2.00 a day. They live in rural Africa, Asia and Latin America. They lack almost every resource imaginable; they have access to neither clean water nor electricity. Many are malnourished and even basic health care is largely non-existent. Most have no steady work and instead eke out a living doing odd jobs. If they had more money to spend, not much would change, since they have access to neither products nor services that could improve their lives. The bottom line: measurable economic progress as can be seen in major urban centers does not exist in these rural areas. The rural population lives largely isolated in poorly functioning, disconnected social systems. Desperately needed growth stimulus is not forthcoming and too many companies have too many objections to investing in the countryside.


Villageboom wants to get involved and give these people a fair chance because economic development can get started even in those places where massive investments will be a long time coming. With the necessary expertise and reasonable start-up capital, economic growth can take place in the countryside, especially when it's driven by the people of the village communities themselves. They are the one who have sustainable business ideas for their own micro-businesses that will increase their purchasing power and meet their neighbor's demand for products and services at affordable prices.





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