Project Partnerships

Villageboom projects are being implemented

by many partner NGOs around the world

Grameen Shakti, Bangladesch

In Bangladesh, Villageboom cooperates with Grameen Shakti, a subsidiary of the Grameen Bank. Muhammad Yunus founded the Grameen Bank in 1983 and, together with his organization, received the Nobel Peace Prize for his development and worldwide distribution of the microfinance model. Grameen Shakti has been active as a non-profit company since 1996 and is committed to bringing renewable energies to the villages of Bangladesh. In 2007, Grameen Shakti was awarded the Right Livelihood Award for his contributions to environmental protection and was especially honored for the "dissemination of sustainable lighting and energy and the promotion of health, education and productivity."


Stichting Le Pont, Benin

Stichting Le Pont supports African organizations in implementing development projects and ensures that the funds provided are used for their intended purpose. The founders have extensive expertise in development work and have built up a comprehensive network in Benin, all the way up to the government level, thus fulfilling one of the key prerequisites for successful development work. Le Pont has been working with Villageboom since 2012.



Jane Goodall Institut Deutschland / Jane Goodall Institute Tanzania

The central purpose of the Jane Goodall Institute's global work is to promote respectful interaction with people, animals and nature. Based on the revolutionary findings of Dr. Jane Goodall in her research with chimpanzees, the institutes she has founded work on comprehensive nature and wildlife conservation programs, education in sustainable development, as well as for the global development work. One focus is the international Roots and Shoots program, an initiative for children and young people who want to get involved with people, animals and the environment. Since 2013, the Jane Goodall Institute in Germany has been organizing the sale, maintenance and service of Villageboom lamps in Tanzania.



Rural Education for Development Society

REDS Rural Education for Development Society

Andheri Hilfe Bonn e.V. / REDS Rural Education for Development Society, India


Andheri Hilfe Bonn is an independent organization promoting development cooperation and currently funds and runs approx. 150 projects in India and Bangladesh. Together with REDS, Anderi Hilfe has replaced 30,000 kerosene lamps with Villageboom solar lamps in the first stage of an ambitious project. REDS has also been successful in its many projects designed to promote the equal rights of the Dalit caste. "Dalit" is the correct term for the 240 million people who are at the bottom of the Hindu caste system, i.e. the group once called "untouchables", and who remain exposed to massive discrimination to this day. This entire project employs the Dalit in the sale, distribution and installation, maintenance and repair of the Villageboom lamps, thus upgrading their situation significantly.



BIBIR, Ghana

BIBIR Ghana wurde als NGO in 2005 gegründet und operiert vorwiegend in Tamale BIBIR Ghana was founded as an NGO in 2005 and operates mainly in the city of Tamale and the Tolo/Kumbungu and Savelugu/Nanthon districts. BIBIR is especially active in helping the women and children of this region with concrete measures to improve their lives. The main focus of their development work is to give women equal access to schooling with the long-term objective of bringing about socio-economic change in Ghana.




Villageboom cooperates at the international level with leading

think tanks in social business and social entrepreneurship

Ashoka Deutschland

Ashoka identifies, finances and promotes social entrepreneurs both within Germany and abroad. Ashoka is becoming increasingly actively involved in creating the conditions for these projects. "Those who want to solve social problems want to see measureable social impact and a wise use of resources. Like most results-based non-profits and social entrepreneurs, we are content with just doing good. We're constantly challenging ourselves to be entrepreneurial in developing our concepts to reach more people."


Since 2008, Thomas Ricke (Managing Partner, Villageboom) has been an active member of the Ashoka Support Network



The Grameen Creative Lab

The Grameen Creative Lab is a joint venture between Nobel Peace Prize winner Professor Yunus and entrepreneur Hans Reitz. A team of top management consultants and corporate communications specialists work together to solve social problems by applying the methods of the business world. The Grameen Creative Lab is also the initiator and organizer of the annual Global Social Business Summit.





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